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Vacation CRM is our one stop program where you can maintain your client database,

trip information,commission status, booking and payment forms and much more! 


Follow the links below to training and learn all about Vacation CRM 

(Agency policy states reservations be entered into CRM within 48 hours

of deposit  to ensure proper assignment of commissions)

Vacation CRM -

User ID:  first and last name (no space in first box)

Agency ID:  amazingmagical (no space in second box)

Password:  ama2017 (in third box - change your password on initial login )

Training and Information Videos are available on the vacationcrm website and youtube.

VacationCRM User 101 

Processing a payment 

 Creating a Profile

Creating Trip/Reservation Records

Adding a Trip 

Adding Payments 

Creating a trip and importing reservations from supplier - 

VacationCRM - How to create a group

How to copy/paste a reservation 

Multiple reservations in a trip 

Emailing from VCRM

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